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As a private/independent contractor, Ahmed Nashaat has had the pleasure and privilege of traveling to some of the most exciting, exotic, and amazing countries in the world. From Europe to Asia, Africa, Australia and South America, Ahmed Nashaat feels fortunate that his business affords him the luxury to travel for work and pleasure.

As a well-traveled man, he knows all the cautionary tales and measures about safety and security in a foreign country, and he goes to great lengths to follow these to a T. Ahmed Nashaat discovered that no matter how mindful you are about these things, you are still not spared from unexpected mishaps. Take for example his recent trip to Egypt where he lost his passport. Of all the things to lose during a trip abroad, your passport should never be one of them!

Luckily, Ahmed Nashaat was with a local friend at the time, and it was he who helped Ahmed locate the missing passport. The mere thought of being stranded in a foreign country was enough to scare him out of his wits. He felt as if he lost his identity—literally and figuratively. And then he got to thinking, “What if other travelers lose their passports, too? What would they do?” Ahmed Nashaat figured, if it could happen to him, it could happen to anyone, which is what sparked his idea for a travel website.

What he wants is to publish a website that not only focuses on tours and attractions but more importantly, tips and advice on what to do when you’re in a situation in a foreign country with no help in sight. Ahmed Nashaat was fortunate to have had his friend (who is a local) with him when he lost his passport, but not others would be as fortunate, he muses.

On that note, this website provides travelers with information, tips, and advice on various scenarios abroad, from losing your passport to getting sick (and needing hospitalization) to contacting your embassy for assistance.

Since Egypt is his favorite country to visit, Ahmed Nashaat will also be talking about this enigmatic (in his eyes, at least) Mediterranean country. He will travel to the country more frequently because of his work, and he deemed it fit to share what he’s discovered so far about Egypt from his travels.

Additionally, the reader may also come across posts here that share information and tips on visiting other countries, whether in Europe or Asia, Africa or South America. From customs to traditions, cultures, local lifestyles, tourist attractions and hidden gems, Ahmed Nashaat will share his experiences traveling the world right here on this blog. Join him as he travels the world and explores and discovers the various treasures that each country offers.

Stay tuned as he chronicles his travels for your reading pleasure. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any of his posts, you are invited to bookmark this site. He looks forward to seeing you all here again soon!